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Seal Wall Cracks

Our System stays bonded with wall movement, and seals the crack permanently — warrantied!

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Warrantied Repairs for Leaking Wall Cracks & Pipe Penetrations

Small cracks in foundation walls are common in homes throughout the Pennsylvania area. Usually a side effect of the natural curing process of concrete, these cracks usually do not threaten the foundation.

However, even small cracks in a foundation can be a major problem if they leak groundwater into your basement or crawl space. If you’d like a free foundation crack repair quote, contact us today!

Seal Wall Cracks. Repairing and sealing wall cracks will prevent future leaks.


At ITG Basements, we recommend the Foundation Crack Repair System to repair your leaking wall cracks. It's a patented, warrantied repair and a permanent solution. To repair a flooding or leaky wall crack, we follow these five steps:

If you’re waterproofing your basement with BasementGutter™ or another interior drainage system, the wall system can be integrated with it to direct any potential leaks to your sump pump. Otherwise, a small dry well about 5-10 gallons in size is created at the base of the crack.

We start by sealing the crack with a high-viscosity polyurethane polymer. This gets deep into the cracks to form a durable, flexible seal.

Your polyurethane polymer seal should never fail. If it ever does, 95% of the water should still be stopped from leaking in. To ensure a proper repair, we install a secondary layer of drainage on the basement wall — one that will direct water to your basement drainage system or dry well.

To keep your foundation walls looking great, we overlay your sealed wall crack with a polyurethane sealant. Light gray in color, it gives the repair a professional, finished appearance.

After the wall crack has been repaired, the concrete floor is restored flush, with no gaps or openings. We pride ourselves on leaving our workplace clean and neat. The end result of the installation is a professional-looking, top-performing basement wall crack repair that includes a written warranty.

Why Our Wall System over Injection?

Unlike hydraulic cements and some epoxies, special polyurethane polymer sealant used for our system will never dry out or re-crack due to the natural movement of the foundation wall over long periods of time.

Additionally, hydraulic cements, epoxies, and even urethane injections are not able to bend and stretch along with your foundation movement.

As concrete walls expand and shrink slightly through freeze/thaw and wet/dry cycles, the bonds of these materials will fail, leading to re-cracking or new cracks forming farther on down the wall. As this occurs, the leaking will begin anew.

Our System stays bonded with wall movement, and seals the crack permanently — warrantied! This enables you to count on the basement as dry, usable space, or as space that is ready to be finished into a new living area.

While leaking wall cracks must be fixed before you finish your basement, your finished basement walls will also need to be protected from water vapor that continually passes through concrete.
Stop this moisture by installing an appropriate wall vapor barrier on basement walls before finishing!


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