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Don't let your basement flood this winter from a frozen discharge line!

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The perfect solution to clogged and frozen discharge lines in Pennsylvania

A proper discharge line for a sump pump shouldn’t end just outside the foundation wall. If it does, discharge water will likely seep back into your basement or crawlspace before long, especially when temperatures drop below freezing.

Instead, a slightly sloped discharge pipe should run underground, a minimum of 10 feet, to daylight where possible (and to a drywell or drain field when not possible). Things sometimes go wrong, however, because drain lines are sometimes susceptible to freezing, especially when you live in Pennsylvania.

This can occur at a snow- and ice-covered outlet or inside the pipe itself. If the discharge pipe is blocked, your pump will continue to run but the system won’t expel water. The result? A flooded basement.

Are you worried that your discharge line might freeze over when the temperatures drop? ITG Basements can help prevent wintertime freeze-up of discharge lines.

We install the patented FreezeGuard™ system, an anti-freeze fitting that is installed outside of your home and ejects water away from the foundation in the event that the sump pump discharge lines freeze or become clogged.

Why not make sure that you have a dry basement all the time? We install a variety of patented sump pumps protected by the FreezeGuard™ sump pump discharge line system.

FreezeGuard™ keeps water out of the basement even if the drain freezes

If you live in the Eastern & Central PA area where the discharge line from your sump pump is susceptible to freezing in the winter, consider installing our anti-freeze device called FreezeGuard™. It will allow discharged water to escape if the drain freezes (or clogs for any reason).

There are no valves to turn or hoses to attach – operation is automatic. Under normal operation, no water will spill through the open slots due to its flared design.

FreezeGuard™ stops ice and snow from causing your waterproofing system to fail

FreezeGuard™ is just one of the many sump pump features we install offered exclusively to us by Groundworks. Our FreezeGuard™ Discharge Line Protection device can be added on to any of our sump pump systems, including the AquaStop™ Single, Triple and Crawl Space Sump Pump; providing homeowners with extra protection against basement flooding in regions where freezing temperatures are a problem.

Don’t let your basement flood this winter from a frozen discharge line! We provide our waterproofing products to homeowners all throughout Eastern & Central PA, including Allentown, Reading, Scranton and cities nearby. Contact ITG Basements today for a free cost estimate to have the FreezeGuard™ anti-freeze discharge device installed in your home today.


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